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Snow Cat Skiing Glossary

Avalanche Transceiver

A device, such as the Tracker by BCA, that you wear under your jacket when travelling in the Backcountry.  In the case that you are buried in an avalanche, your group can pick up your signal and dig you out.  This is a safety device, not something you can put on and then go romping around wherever you like without caution.  More avalanche safety tips here.

Cat Skiing

Mechanised skiing that is facilitated by a snowcat with a passenger box built on it.  Taken with a group of up to 12 people and lead by a guide and at least one tail guide.

An awesome place to find out all that you need to know about catskiing and it has a full directory of information on all the catskiing operators. Or so I've heard, from a friend...


Most likely what you are if you are reading this.  Geeks On Rental BoardS, fun to laugh at from the ski lift.  Often found in cold weather wearing jeans and no head covering.  May also contain high levels of screaming and cheap beer.

Heli Skiing

Mechanised skiing that is facilitated by a helicopter. Taken with a group of up to 4-12 people and lead by a guide and at possibly one or more tail guides, depending on group size.

Lead Guide

The highly trained guide and boss of the group out skiing.  Listen to this person, and they will show you the goods.  If you tick them off by skiing wherever you like and don't listen, they will let you sit in the cat.  They are there for you safety and to make sure you have a fun, safe time.

Shoulder Season

The time at the beginning and end of the ski season where the snow may not (or it may be) as good as in the middle of the winter.  Usually December - early January, and Mid March on. Rates are usually reduced at these times.

Tail Guide

The second guide in a group who will ski at the back and make sure no one gets lost.  Also very helpful at retrieving your uphill gear after you yardsale down an open bowl.