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2011 Salomon Lord

Not so much

2011 Salomon LordSizes: 161, 169, 177, 185
Side Cut (177): 128|87|115
Special Features: Semi Twin Tip Tail, Full Wood Core

Well we are really happy to see Salomon is producing their freeride line in full wood cores these days. The Lord was a fun ski to have out but would probably appeal best to skiers who are looking to spend most of their days on piste at the ski hills. If I were headed out to the BC backcountry I would pick up the Rocker or Czar instead. That being said, the Lord would be that solid one-ski quiver ski.

Check out the Salomon Website here:

Nelson Black Heart Oatmeal Stout

blackheart stout Nelson
Blackheart Oatmeal Stout

Pros: Tasty and rich and goes well with many types of meat
Cons:  Not available at every cold beer and wine store, but worth looking for

This has been a staple for our group for many years.  Whether you are sitting by the campfire on a summer evening, or lounging in a sweaty hotel room on a winter night waiting for your next day of skiing, it is a must to enjoy.  Unlike some other stouts and beers that just look dark,  this Stout has a true rich flavor that matches its coffee like appearance.  As always, certified organic and locally brewed.

Nelson Brewing Company

K2 Made'N AK 2006

Pros: Light and easy to move around for the power they give you
Cons: Not much, just a bunch idiots in the lift line asking you if you are an Iron Maiden fan.

I know these are a few years old, but if you are out at a ski swap or if you have a friend with a pair and he is in need of cash, they are worth picking up. They are big and stable and great on those big powder days or when you are cat skiing, but versatile enough to handle everything on the ski hill. A lot of fun and took my skiing to a new level after coming off a slightly narrower and GS styled free ride ski.

Icebreaker Bodyfit 200 Men's Top

Icebreaker Body Fit 200

Pros: Made from sustainable wool, doesn't smell, doesn't itch
Cons: not too many colours to choose from, costs more than a tank of gas!

We some of this Icebreaker gear a season ago and one of us (names unmetioned) decided to try going a year without washing it. Well, we all survived and the piece of clothing did not smell at all! We can't say enough about this stuff except for that you can only really afford to buy one piece a year because it is a little pricey. However, awesome performance and great tempurature control.

Get your own at altrec.comIcebreaker Men's BodyFit200 Oasis Crewe

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